CLI & SDK Installation

How to download our CLI and Python SDK

Use our CLI and Python SDK to build endpoints for your custom models. The Python SDK can also be used for running inferences on your endpoints.

Latest CLI Release

Our latest release is v0.4.7. You can install the latest CLI using the following commands:


brew tap octoml/tap
brew install octoai


curl --output octoai_0.4.7_linux_amd64.tar.gz
tar xzf octoai_0.4.7_linux_amd64.tar.gz
  • For Linux, you may also want to put the binary somewhere in your path. For example:
mkdir -p $HOME/bin && cp octoai $HOME/bin
export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH

After installation, verify you can execute the binary:

octoai version

octoai --help

Latest Python SDK Release

Our latest Python SDK release is 0.5.1. You can view our full release history on PyPI here.

For Mac and Linux, use pip to install the octoai-sdkPython package. We strongly recommend that you install OctoAI in a virtualenv, to avoid conflicting with your system packages.

python3 -m pip install octoai-sdk