August 10, 2023

  • Stable Diffusion 1.5 Template Feature Additions: OctoAI's Stable Diffusion endpoint, running on A10Gs, has been upgraded to include the following features to help users customize styling and achieve higher-quality images:
    • Popular Checkpoints like DreamShaper and Realistic Vision, Low Rank Adaptations (LoRAs), and Textual Inversions (navigate to the SD 1.5 template and review the drop downs for a full list of fine tuned options). Note: LoRA weights must sum up to 1.
    • Additional image dimensions
    • Updated user interface
  • Whisper Template Feature Additions: Multi-hour long audio files are now supported. Furthermore, you can specify a URL to the audio input file (e.g. MP3, WAV, or MP4 formats), instead of uploading a file from your local environment (navigate to the Whisper template).
  • Private Registry: OctoAI's container authoring experience has been upgraded. Users are no longer required to provide registry credentials to get started. Images can be uploaded directly to a private OctoAI Registry. User uploaded images to OctoAI's Registry are accessible only to you and OctoAI services i.e. no other user can view or access your images.
SD 1.5 UI now supports checkpoints, LoRAs, textual inversions, and more!

SD 1.5 now supports checkpoints, LoRAs, textual inversions, and more!