August 16, 2023

  • Added a new section in our Docs on Image Generation, including how to fine-tune and use Stable Diffusion:
  • Reduced cold start substantially on endpoints created with our authoring experience (can be multiple minutes of improvement depending on the model). Upgrade to the latest version of the CLI and SDK and author new endpoints to get faster cold start for your custom models.
  • Improved error boundaries in the UI. Users would be less likely to run into the "Whoops Beta Mode engaged" message in the UI.
  • Enabled concurrency handling improvements to all new endpoints created from now on. We will also be gradually rolling out this change on previously created endpoints in upcoming weeks.
  • A faster version of SD XL with dimension 1024x1024 is now available under private preview. We'd be gradually rolling out this new version over the next week or so. Contact us on Discord for early access.
  • Reminder: OctoAI's quickstart template endpoints are for demo/testing purposes only. On these endpoints, we rate-limit to 15 inferences per hour. If you would like to exceed this limit for production use, please clone the endpoint to your own account.